Sunday, 9 September 2012

These boots are made for walking...

So it seems I have set up a blog, after weeks and weeks of "do I don't I?" It's happened.
And along with that, it seems the summer months are over and the wet and cold months are approaching. 
So it's time to snap up some great winter shoes. Cute ankle boots seem to be a top trend again for the upcoming A/W and here are my 5 faves:

1. Action Cut Out Ankle Boots - Topshop £78
2. Black Pointed Boots - RiverIsland £60
3.Platform Ankle Boots - Ebay £20.58
4. Spike Studded Ankle Boots - Ebay £24.99
5. Platform Faux Fur Shoes - H&M £24.99

I actually bought the platform boots from eBay and they are an absolute delight to wear. They work dressed  up with dresses or down with jeans and they are such good quality! Highly recommend!

And so concludes my first ever blog post, ever... Who knows, this while things might end up being something that  I never update and no-one reads and such. Only time will tell.


  1. I love the fourth pair!! Your ones look incredible on! Are they the the ones you bought then? Keep blogging! - sounds like some kind of cheesy slogan haha!

    Robyn Mayday

    1. I bought the third pair. They're so so good! Ha think I will, caught the bug now!

  2. Meg I think your blog is fab! So much so I actually hunted down the 4th pair and purchased some for myself! I hope you don't mind me stealing your styles, but they were just so cute and so affordable it was hard to avoid! Thanks for posting them! I'm constantly trying to buy nice things at affordable prices but I seem to have come to abit of a mental block recently...I’m not sure what will suit me this winter! I love the all black/grungy look though don’t think I could pull it off as well as you!
    Sorry for blabbing on...I just wanted to say that for helping me find my perfect shoes!

    Here’s my blogspot, there’s not a lot on it at the minute -

    Steph x

    1. Ahh no problem! That's why I posted them! Everyone needs good boots <3
      Ahh don't be silly! You could pull off anything

  3. i just order a pair of shoes very similar ;-)
    and the selection that you did is pretty awesome!
    love your blog!

    1. They're an absolute delight <3
      Thank you so much! Still pretty new here but I'm trying!